Need help with zwave contact sensor and motions from monoprice

I have a contact sensor on my mailbox, when I tried to migrate it will show up as a device, changing the type to generic zwave contact sensor did not work. here is the info from ST:

zw:Ss type:0701 mfr:0109 prod:2001 model:0106 ver:5.01 zwv:4.05 lib:03 cc:5E,98 sec:72,5A,80,73,86,84,85,59,71,70,7A role:06 ff:8C07 ui:8C07

This is the contact sensor:

The same happened with another contact sensor but changing the device type solved the problem, here the device:

I have 2 motions and I want to migrate them but not sure if they will work:

Thanks, any help will be really appreciated.

They are on the compatible list so they should work. Have you tried pressing the configure then save and see if it's working? Also mesh issue maybe?

For some reason, they are working now. HE configured the motions as Zooz 4 in 1, the options are confusing me, you can choose firmware based settings but my motions the firmware is 5.1 and this firmware is not there in the settings. Let see how they work...

Because the driver is for a Zooz sensor and not Monoprice. They don't have the same firmware I think.

Hey VJV, curious just bought 3 monoprice z-wave door sensors(24259). I read that they don't check in unless door is opened/closed. How has your experience been? would you reccommend them or not?


I have one of those and it's been working fine for a year.
They report battery so the last activity will be open/close or battery.

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