Need help with Virtual Switch rule to cancel delay

I'm sure this is easy to do but I've been trying to create a RM 4.0 rule to do the following:

Scenario - created a Virtual Switch that is used by IFTTT to turn on a robotic vacuum. That's easy enough and I set a timer to turn the switch off after 2 hours (based on battery life and time usually required to complete a clean). I have a second IFTTT rule that will send the vacuum home if the virtual switch is turned off while cleaning. In this scenario, I want the 2 hour timer to cancel. In my current try's the 2 hour timer doesn't reset and the vacuum will turn off after the original 2 hour timer.

That's what I need help doing? Any suggestions?

Can you show a screenshot of your rule?

I think from what you are asking this is what you are looking for.

That is also the rule I would have suggested, but with the addition of "return vacuum home" (however that is handled) after the ELSE > Cancel Delayed Actions.

Here is what I tried just to test the rule:

Just tried your implementation - works perfect! Thanks