Need help with Triggering Message when amps drops

I have a Aeotec Smart Switch 6 on my washing machine. I had smartthings message me when the amps dropped under 5 for 10 minutes. I have the Aeotec Smart Switch 6 in Hubitat and I've been tinkering around in there and haven't figured out how to set this up or can I?

This lets me know when the washer is done.

If someone could give me step by step instructions it would be great.

Thank You.

Search Hubitat Package Manager for Better Laundry Monitor. I think you'll find that is exactly what you are looking for.


If you want to try to do it with RM maybe this will help. I do this for a Mr Ice Tea that is plugged into a Zooz plug and it works great:

The TEA RESET is a virtual switch I use via Alexa to tell say "I have the tea" once I get it off the counter and into the refrigerator. It cancels my repeating notifications that the tea is ready. I just added that yesterday as I found that I was getting one notification and then if I didn't go get it right then I'd forget about it. This helps me put it away in a timely fashion. You could surely leave that and the repeat part out if you don't need to be hounded. :smiley:

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Ok got Package Manager installed. When trying to install Hubitat Package Manager for Better Laundry Monitor it fails. Something is wrong with the Groovy.

As another way this can be done in a rule, here's a simple rule I'm using for my washing machine:


This sounds close to what you want, except I'm technically using power (watts) instead of current (amps), which is what my device reports and is part of a standard Hubitat capability. Your device likely reports it too, but if it also reports amps, you could also test for whatever custom attribute it's using there; the basic idea would be the same.

EDIT: And here's an even slightly simpler way--no delays or cancelled--to do this, though the "Wait for elapsed time" thing will look a bit different if you're on the current hub firmware (it was changed a bit in the beta I'm on and I can't remember how you'd do this the "old" way):


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