Need help with small rule

I am trying to create a rule to refresh a device every 2 minutes. I created a rule and used the Trigger , period schedule, each of these minutes 2 and as the Action, refresh selected devices. If I manually run the rule it works. But it won't run the rule automatically every two minutes. What am I missing?

Not sure what the "each of these" in your trigger is. i would delete the current trigger, then add a trigger as follows: periodic, minute, every 2 minutes. this should work fine, i use it a bunch. j

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That will run the rule at 2 minutes after each hour, not every two minutes.

Change the trigger as mentioned above by @jjackson and you should be good to go.

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Thanks guys. I knew it was something I just didn't see when I set it up. It's working well now.


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