Need Help With Simple Rule

I created this simple rule to auto relock my lock after 10 min. delay and notify me also after similar delay. This rule fires and works precisely almost down to the second. However I am getting two notifications. I am new to rule machine but I have built seven rules succesfully. What have I done to cause two notifications?

I don't know why. Do you have another rule that notifies you when Entry Lock is Locked? Maybe through the Notifications app?

I did want to mention that there's an error in your rule which isn't responsible for the double notifications, but you may wish to correct it. You make use of a cancelable delay, but there's no condition that cancels it. You may wish to change your rule to look something like this:

    Cancel Delayed Actions
    Lock Entry Lock  ->  delayed 10 mins (cancelable)
    Notify Curtis’ Phone “Auto Relock” (cancelable)

Thanks for the correction, this is all new to me. I do have a rule that notifys me when the lock is unlocked by a specific code for service people, but is for unlocked state and only fires on occasion.

No worries, it was new to all of us once. Are you using Hubitat Safety Monitor? Do you have notifications configured in HSM?

Also try disabling your other rule and see if double-notifications stops. I would definitely recommend fixing your rule though - may as well as eliminate any errors that have unintended effects.


Thanks again! No, I am not using HSM at all. I will disable the other rule and see what happens. I appreciate you taking your time to help me!
Update: After searching for the obvious I discovered a notification created in Notifications that sends a notification if a specific code used to unlock. I will disable this tomorrow and test tomorrow.

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