Need help with registering hub

I setup the new hub and all my ZWave devices. I was also able to link to Alexa for voice integration. After updating to the new hubitat version my alexa stopped working and I noticed that new hub is registered to my email address. I also don't see any hubs in Find Hubs. I've rebooted the hub twice and still nothing is registered to my email account.

Do I have to complete a device reset and start over from new? How do I get my hub registered to my account ??

Did you happen to change the hub to use a static IP address in the Hub’s Network Settings? Using DHCP is the recommended configuration to avoid Hubitat Cloud Server connection issues. There have been cases of users having issues when attempting to use the hub’s static IP feature. Instead, one can configure their router’s DHCP server to reserve an IP address for the HE hub.


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