Need help with my first rule

Hi all I'm new to HE and wondered if someone could help me with my first rule. I have tried but only got so far.
What I want to do is set a rule where on a evening between say 9pm-11pm if anyone turns the stairs lights on via the hue dimmers say to go the bathroom then turns the lights back off my default scene kicks back in that's already running.
Now my current scene is set on the hue bridge so I'm not sure whether that scene will have to be setup in HE instead but any guidance would be great.
I'm not new to this but jumping from hue/smarthings to HE has a bit more if a learning curve.
Many thanks Kev

Diving in deep I see. There are many ways to accomplish this but I would say start by breaking the rule down based on events that would fire it off. In your case would that be the switch turning back off. The action you want is to restore a scene to that room. So you need the Hubitat to send the commands to restore the scene. There is still one other gap you have to address where are you defining the scene.

With this in mind the way I have addressed this in my home was to use Hubitat's groups and scenes:

The Rule Machine code would be easy to do:

Switch Turned off

If Time Between 9:00pm and 11:00 pm
Turn on Scene

Are these Hue Dimmers paired directly to the Hue bridge? Or directly paired to Hubitat? If the former, Hubitat will not see the Hue Dimmer will only see the change to the Hue bulbs (and then, only if the Hubitat to Hue integration is configured for polling, IIRC.) So, having a trigger to a rule might be a bit slow...

I don't have a Hue bridge, but my understanding is that Hue Scenes are not exposed to Hubitat. Thus, no direct way for Hubitat to activate a Hue Scene.

I am sure some Hubitat + Hue owners will be along shortly to help guide you in what they feel is the best design (and hopefully correct any misinformation I may have shared above! :wink: )

Hi cheers for the reply,I have 4 hue dimmers at the moment,3 are connect to the hue bridge and one is connected directly to HE for testing purposes.
When I said scene I ment routines sorry,so if that's the case can I do what I want to do via hubitat :thinking:
Please say yes. :tada::tada::tada:
Cheers kev

Hi there,thanks for your reply but I got my scenes and routines mixed up.
The landing light comes on at sunset at 25% and stays at 25% until another routine takes over at 11pm then the night light comes on till 5.30am.
The problem I see is if anyone turns the stair lights on via 1 of 2 hue dimmers then off again the landing light won't turn back back on automatically at 25% so if I can program this light to come back on at 25% after the hue dimmer off button has been pressed that would be fab.
Hope that makes sense.
Cheers kev

Open Live logging.
Physically - Go to the Hue Dimmer and turn it off (or on)
Look in Live logging to see if there was an entry for the event...

If yes, you're good to go, rules can be created, as @ronv42 suggests . If No, then the event is buried inside Hue Hub.