Need Help with MQTT and HE Subscribing to Events

GOAL: Have HE subscribe to and respond to postings on my MQTT server, particularly motion events from Blue Iris

I have the MQTT Mosquitto broker working and BI posts to it fine, and I also have the MQTT bridge installed as described here, but I cannot get HE to subscribe to any events or appear to even see the broker.

Is what I am trying to do possible at this point? What am I missing?

MIssing? A system with a real MQTT client implementation.

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You need to create a virtual device in HE and then map the topic that BL is using to that. nodeRED can do this for you.

Hubitat uses a real (ST) kludge for MQTT support, it needs TLC from Hubitat themselves but so far none. It’s not a good MQTT bedfellow at the moment.

I think I am still too 'green' with MQTT and nodeRED to understand how to do that properly. I do have nodeRED working with Mosquitto.

Perhaps this is one of those situations where I could save myself a lot of headache and time by just waiting longer.

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