Need help with http get

Hi all,

Would someone be willing to help me figure out how to make an http call to an api running on a local Media server? It returns JSON data. I know how to work with JSON data, but I am having issues figuring out how to make the call.

I have this api call I am trying to make:


This is example JSON it returns:

  "Items": [
  "Name": "Alien",
  "ServerId": "myServerId",
  "Id": "10783",
  "PremiereDate": "1979-05-25T05:00:00.0000000+00:00",
  "OfficialRating": "R",
  "CommunityRating": 8,
  "AspectRatio": "",
  "ProductionYear": 1979,
  "IsFolder": false,
  "Type": "Movie",
  "Tags": [
  "ImageTags": {
    "Primary": "935e9112a9c0a66dd5d4489f46b53b29",
    "Logo": "90d1b7c25727a5a13f92b50766b1e97d",
    "Thumb": "cfcf85dc86b5f024875590e836a93fff"
  "BackdropImageTags": [],
  "MediaType": "Video"
  "TotalRecordCount": 1

Never mind. I figured it out. :slight_smile:

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