Need help with Everspring SM103

I've moved from ST to HE over the last couple weeks, around 100 devices, but have run into a problem with 2 Devices. Both are the Everspring SM103 contact sensor.

This is an old zwave device but has the much sought after external contacts.

It works fine on ST but not on HE. It pairs as a DEVICE in HE and has to be manually set to generic zwave contact sensor. In ST, it uses the generic zwave door/window sensor DTH. It will show battery level but does not recognize open/close status in HE. I did the exclude/reset umpteen times using ST, HE and a Minimote. Tried joining to HE umpteen times. Tried pulling batteries, cycling contacts, etc. All of the things that usually bring sensors to life on both platforms.

I have tried other HE drivers and even tried to import the ST DTH. I changed all of the physicalgraph references and was able to get it to save in HE but the ST DTH didn't work either. I'm lost at modifying the ST DTH any further without direction.

Support says it's most likely a driver issue, because it pairs and can see the battery, and suggested I ask the community.

Anyone ever get this Everspring sensor to work? Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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@bcopeland is always up for a good Z-wave challenge...:wink: Perhaps he can assist with porting the ST DTH?


Taking a look..


can you switch back to "device" driver and click get info.. it will output the fingerprint I need in the log

yes. I'll move one of the back to ST and get back with you. Thanks for looking at this for me. I really appreciate it.

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This is a stab in the dark as I don't have one of these to test with.. and this is some pretty old stuff.. but give this a go:

Here is the link file from get info

Thanks for the help.

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No luck. I excluded rejoined and had to manually set it to your driver. It displayed Battery level and OPEN (just as it does with HE generic driver) but it won't register open/close. I tried both internal & external contacts though I don't think this sensor distinguishes between the 2. Here is the device history:


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cool.. So we are close.. Can you turn on debug log and close the contact and send me the log?

It's on. That's what I captured.

That’s the events.. I need the logs since it isn’t creating an event, we are missing the message.. And It will probably show in the debug log

Where is that at? In the device itself debug logging is turned on. I do not have a switch for events with this device. Am I missing something?

Ok.. so after debug log is turned on in the device.. go to Logs .. the same place you went to to get the fingerprint .. It should show the values if it is hitting one of the existing methods.. and it will show a skip if it is trying to hit a method that is missing..

It is either a value that it's not expecting for a close event or a different message on close event.. So it should direct me to the correct place in the log..

Shot in the dark here. Did you push the "configure" button after switching to @bcopeland's driver?

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That's not it @aaiyar.. I think it's an unexpected sensor value or a message it's not expecting / processing

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Yes I pushed configure.


If I had one of these devices it would be over and done.. I just can't see what it's missing..

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I know. I'm sorry for being a pain. Nothing is hitting the logs. I understand the event Page now but I just looked at logs, cycled the contact and got nothing. Should I exclude, include, and grab everything I can, including cycling the contact?

That's odd.. looking at the code.. hang on...

Ok .. just pushed and update... It's going to log everything now even the raw message.. There is no reason we shouldn't see the event now..

If you could download the update