Need help with dimming kitchen light in the AM

Hey all,

I have a kitchen light which is on GE Z-Wave Dimmer (non-plus)

What I would like to do is ensure that when it's turned on physically or Alexa between 5:00am and Sunrise, the light comes on at say 35%

Outside that timeframe, 75% would be good

I created a RM Rule that in theory should work, however not sure a rule is the best way to handle this.

Any ideas on a better way to do this?

Thanks in advance

Please post your rule

Just a heads up. For many users, these older GE Z-Wave (non Plus) do not report their physical status changes back to Hubitat reliably, if at all. So, you may have an issue if the device is turned on manually at the switch itself, as Rule Machine will not be triggered. The newer Z-Wave-Plus devices behave much, much better.

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Hi Ogiewon,

Yes I am aware, I figured an upgrade would be part of the solution

Any thoughts on a solution?


As luck would have it, TheSmartestHouse currently has a sale on Zooz gear. I have a few of their Zen21 switches and Zen22 dimmers. They're z-wave+, have been super-reliable and are supported by native Hubitat drivers. The drivers also support their use as button controllers.

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My favorite in-wall switches and dimmers are Lutron.

I'm not suggesting this is the right way to go about this, thus my request for ideas


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I use a very similar rule with my Closet light. It comes on at 99% (100% really) during Home and Away mode, and 20% in Sleep mode. I only have 3 modes.


This rule worked poorly with the GE z-wave dimmer I had earlier. It has never failed with the Zooz Zen22.