Need Help with Automation

Not sure if this is the right forum or not, but here goes!

Finishing my move from Smartthings and I have installed a simple automation to turn-on my garage lights when the door opens. I may want the lights to stay on if we are in the garage, so I have backed this up with a text if the lights are on for more than a reasonable time; I can turn them off or not.

Now here's my issue. In the "old days" (Smartthings), if I was just in and out of the garage, I could open the door and turn the switch off manually. The lights went off and stayed off. Now in HE, when the door closes, the automation treats it like the door is opening again, and the light goes back on. Can't tell you how many times a day I get the text!!

The sensor is a SmartSense Multi Sensor. I get the same result if I use my alarm sensor which is connected via Envisalink.

The automation is identical to others, with the difference being there is an auto shutoff after 10 minutes or so.

Not sure what to do here without creating some very complex automation. I suspect that Smartthings may have had a built-in recycle time on the sensor, or just knew when the door closed rather than opened.

I would appreciate any/all suggestions!! Thanks.

If you go to the Contact Sensor Device page and click on the Events button at the top of the page and review the events, what do you see happen when the garage door opens and then closes, in terms of the status of the sensor being open or closed?

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Here are both sensors - automation is currently using the alarm sensor; I've tried both.

That is odd then .. it may be worth looking at the logs generated by the rule

Odd is what I’ve been thinking!

I think I’ve checked those logs before, but I will again.

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I just turned the logs back on.

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