Need help with automating light/fan

So I have several Lutron switches PD-6WCL that have put in place instead of older Lutron Skylark S-600P and all work perfectly.

I have some bedrooms with overhead fan/lights. I know there are fan switches and light switches. The way the switches were set up when we moved in, was that the fans were ALWAYS ON and could only be controlled by the chain (which is fine with us) and the switch on the wall controlled the lights.

I tried to make the same upgrade from the old switch to the new ones (same models as above) and connected the wires as they were. When I flipped the breaker the light and fan came on (the light was dimmed some). And the switch DID NOT WORK, and none of the LEDs lit up on the switch.

I'm not sure the switch will work with these lights (I've tried swapping the black wires with the same outcome).

I may need to just get some smart bulbs to achieve the automations I want, but I also want a switch that can be used on the wall that won't break the way not techy people use the lights.

Is that better, or maybe a Lutron fan switch and a pico? But not sure how I would wire that since it's just one gang box.

Any ideas are appreciated!

Could you post photos of the wires in the work boxes? I would recommend getting fan switches, and smart bulbs. Wire the bulbs to be always on (controlled using a Pico), and the motor to be controlled by the fan switch.


Will post pic when I can. Few quick questions.

  1. if I'm okay with fan always on, why do I need a fan switch?
  2. if controlling the lights with Pico, why do they need to be smart bulbs?
  3. can I have a pico control lights if there is no dimmer switch associated with those lights?

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