Need Help with a Simple Rule


Basically I need to turn on the light when motion is detected and if no further motion is detected, turn off the light after 4 minutes?

Any help appreciated.


As a guide anyway. :wink:

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The Landin Light = off seems unnecessary. Sending an ON when the light is On doesn't hurt. The trade off.. of not having a correct, up-to-the second status from that light would be more harm. In my opinion.

The scenario I'm thinking is.. someone at the bottom of the stairs walks by and seeing the light on, turns it off. At the exact same moment, you're at the top, one step from entering the motion zone. Will the Rule be true or false for that lamp state in half a second?

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Thanks, I dropped that condition.

I deliberately picked this rule to show you that you can turn a dimmer on at different levels per mode.
Also for information using the 'Pending Off' means that if motion is detected again within the 2 minute window (in my case) the timer stops and will restart again from new when motion becomes inactive again.
So in theory if you keep moving about for 15 minutes, the light will never turn off.

Here is what I have and it works well.