Need help with a RM rule

So, I got my leak sensors in today. I want to set up a rule that will notify us repeatedly until it is acknowledged or the sensor is dry. I have no idea where to begin with that. I've always kept things simple, but this needs to be a bit more persistent. TIA

Ok so I see that I can use HSM to do that as well. How do you have it set up?

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Something like this?

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I am using HSM, with notifications through the phones. No idea if speech works, but the notifications and the auto shutoff of the water valve work great.

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Yah. I've never attempted a repeat. I want something that will notify me if I'm not home, but not be too much that my pupdogs freak out over it. Suggestions?

Speech does work. I was messing with it earlier. I got those little smartthings water sensors and they're pretty snappy. I have to say that I'm impressed. I decided to keep with smart home monitor and notify my phone and speak the message too. But if I'm not home, I still want to acknowledge the alert. is there an easy way to do that when you're away?

I get the messages at work, and just use the dashboard to see what is going on. I fairly often get notifications for an unlocked door.

Usually in my case the battery in the presence sensor died, so it thinks we are "away" when someone unlocks a door. Occasionally someone forgot to lock a door, and I use the dashboard to lock it.

Do you have a water valve? Like I mentioned above mine just automatically closes the valve, there wouldn't be much more I could do remotely, other than leave work.

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I do have a water valve. But, it's not automated yet. I'm not sure what I want to do for a shut off. I've been hearing mixed reviews on shut off valves.

Add a dashboard switch(virtual connector variable) to disable the speaking alert.

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And add a text notification to the phones.

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I already have this, but I'll definitely do a dashboard swtich. I need to clean up my virtual switches. They're getting out of hand.

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I did a large cleanup over the holidays to convert all of my virtual switches to global variables. Was not fun, but is now more organized.

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I'd be interested in hearing about that. It's unfortunate that people want to talk less about organization and naming of their things. Every once in a while I ask that question. How are you organizing your dashboards. I can actually keep everything I want on one dash per floor (switches and controls) and doors and contacts on another, hsm, doors and presence on another. But can I find things? But I can't make a room by room look good.

Here's what I did, every sensor and switch in a room has the room name first. Then the switch or sensor name. I have multiple dashboards by room, with a main dash.

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I totally need to do this, but the patience this requires. UgH!

I'm using HSM for water leak notifications. I have it set to close a water valve, send a notification to Pushover, set off my sirens and flash the lights in my master bedroom. I also have an IFTTT applet setup to call my phone if my sirens go off.
Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 9.59.30 PM

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 10.09.25 PM

Not only that, but as of 2.1.9, the Notifications app, can too. (It always could do something here, but the repeating notifications feature is new.) If you want to see how to do it in RM, this thread with examples from Bruce is always a reference I give people: How to get Repeated Notifications using Rule Machine

The difference between either of these options vs. HSM is at least two things that I can think of. First, with HSM, it will create an "alert" state that you have to clear (via the app, a Dashboard tile, or some other automation). Second, HSM has the ability to disable monitoring rules--something you could definitely add in somehow in a Rule, but disabling this kind of thing is one of the arm/disarm states built-in to HSM that you can set.


I use HSM for that as well

Will HSM automatically add new leak detectors as I add devices to my home?

Far as I am aware, you always have to add new devices to an app, rule, dashboard, or wherever. There is no automated way to do that. You can just go into the HSM "rule" for water detection, and select your new devices.


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