Need help with a advanced notification rule using ring alarm G2 keypad

I'm trying to create a rule which is triggered when the 'armed away' button is pressed on the ring alarm g2 keypad. When pressed I want a notification to tell me if there are any windows open in the house and ideally which ones.

At the moment I can't figure out how to do the following parts:

  1. Trigger from 'armed away' button press (i don't know which button number it maps to)
  2. Rich notifcation telling me which window is open when rule triggers

I have a basic version of this working. Trigger is HSM set to away and notification says "Warning - alarm set with window open".

  • The problem with the trigger being HSM set to away is the delay time. After pressing 'armed away' I'm usually out the house and in the car by the time the alarm delay is over so I don't want to wait that long to be told a window is open - ideally need that information immediately.
  • This basic version also only tells me "a window is open". I'm not sure how to get it to specify which one(s). If I use %device% in the notification text it brings back the name of my hub..
  1. For the first problem, I presume you have a device listed for the keypad. At the top of the device page is an "Events" button. Press the 'armed away' button on the keypad and then check the 'Events' page and there should be an entry that correlates to the button press that will tell you what to key in on.

  2. For the second problem, use my app:
    [RELEASE] Sensor Groups+
    Create a contact sensor app. Select all your window contact sensors. This will create a virtual device with the same name as the app

  3. For the problem as a whole, create a Rule Machine rule. I'm using placeholders so just:

  • replace 'Front Door Lights button 1 pushed' with the information for the keypad device from step 1.
  • replace '_test_contact_group' with the virtual device created by my app in step 2.
  • you will need to create a local variable. When it asks for the type, select "string" and put whatever word for the start value. I called the variable 'openWindows' in the example below.

  • you'll use the variable in the notification, so you'll need to get the open list from the device. This is the selection options you'll need to use to do this.

If everything is right, you'll end up with a notification like this if a window is open when the alarm button is pressed.

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The support provided by members of this community never ceases to amaze me. Thank you SO much for the guidance and detailed steps. I'll give your app and the steps you've outlined a go later this week.

For the first issue I did look at events and logs but they don't capture the button number for 'armed away'. They do for all the other buttons on the keypad which is strange. I might separate this off into a different topic in the thread about the keypad.

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