Need help wading through smart lock info (August)

The wife really wants smart locks. I do too but obviously I want them to fully integrate. Fairly certain we are going to go with August (WAF and size/retrofit style).

I am rather confused about the difference in all of them other than the pro being the one that has Z-Wave.

I've seen a hub or bridge of some sort with them. Is that actually needed for HE?

What is the best generation?

Also, I've seen one that is oval shaped instead of round. Different model? Different generation?

Lastly, for smart locks in general, what can I expect headache wise if our current deadbolts take a bit of fiddling on occasion? (I'm sure some of you know what I mean)

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The hub needed would be hubitat which does support the august lock. So you would just need the lock (but for any z-wave lock I still would recommend a beaming repeater as close as you can get it to the lock to ensure reliability)

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So what is the extra device that I have seen in some of the pictures?

Can you show an example?

I read a couple things that said that it was needed for remote control. So I assume if it's integrated with HE, the device isn't necessarily needed.

Ok, you need the z-wave version of the pro lock, not wifi. Wifi version isn't supported (someone correct me if I'm wrong) . August Smart Lock Pro | The Ultimate Smart Lock for Your Smart Home

Also on sale for 139.00

You simply put it into pairing mode via the app on your phone (which connects to the lock via bluetooth) and start inclusion on hubitat and then let hubitat do all the control from there. easy peasy

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There is a community app for the wifi (August Home in HPM) which works great. I was using both the Z-Wave and wifi (august app), but for whatever reason my battery life was terrible. Turned off the Z-wave and use the wifi community integration and it has been smooth since.

I wouldn't want the cloud reliance on something cloud based. Probably a beaming repeater near the lock would have solved your z-wave battery issue

Each lock has a hard-wired z-wave outlet within approximately 6' of the door. But I had bad battery life with the batteries that came with the lock, it could be they were simply not as good as the cells I have used since. When I change batteries again I can re-include the locks and see if performance is better with fresh cells.


This what I was thinking of doing. We have an outlet right by the door but both sockets are used fairly regularly. Aren't ZWave outlets repeaters even when the outlet is off?

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