Need help to set up Rule for turning on/off ceiling fan based on temp sensor

I need some help setting up my first Rule Machine rule.
What I want to do is simple. I have a Zooz 4-in-1 sensor that I am using to monitor the temperature in a room. When the temperature hits 77 degrees or higher, I want the ceiling fan and a table fan in that room to turn on. When the temperature drops to 76 degrees or below for at least 5 minutes, I want the fans to be turned off if they were powered on. I would like the Hubitat to check the temperature every few minutes and don't want to flood the system with checks too often.
Once I get this set up and working for the first room, I have two additional rooms in the house I will want to duplicate the rule for.
Can someone point me to some sample rule machine rules that are similar to what I want to do, so I can learn from them how to setup a rule myself? Or can you point me to an excellent tutorial that will teach me?
I looked at doing this in the Simple Automation Rules and couldn't figure out how to do it there. Thanks in advance for any help given.

Besure to understand that Hubitat is an Event Driven machine. Your Temp sensor will send a report, that's an Event that the Hub has to process. Every time that Temp report comes in, your rule is run and the outcome is what the logic dictates.

That means really, you want to limit the number of reports from your Temp Sensor. The hub is doing Nothing, then an event comes in and it has to do the something we ask it to, then it goes back to doing nothing. To prevent the hub from getting too busy, limit the reports to what you NEED, say 2 degrees F or every 10 mins. You do not want 1/10's of degrees causing the Fan to go On-Off-On-Off.

Now.. on to an example:

This doesn't have the 5 min delay, because I chose to use fan speed and have a larger temperature hysteresis (difference) but maybe you can get an idea from this?? :slight_smile:

Just to be clear.. this rule asks about temps above 76.. but when the sensor reports 45 degrees, this Rule gets run and does nothing.. it's very fast to detect nothing to do. It is not a big burden BUT the rule does NOT set the sensor, it just interprets what the sensor is telling the hub, 24x7x365. (12+ times an hour in my setup)

Something like this will work. You just need to decide on the range between the 2 triggers temperature.