Need help to notify if device has been offline after set time has passed

I am trying to configure Rule Machine to notify me if a set number of days have passed with no communication from a list of selected devices using 'Periodic Schedule' as my trigger and 'Time Since Event' as my conditional action.

This rule kind of works except that the message sent to my phone says 'null has been offline for 0'. I am not sure how to configure my rule to correctly display the device name and time offline.

Just letting you know that there is a community App for just this need called “Device Watchdog


Thanks! I will look into Device Watchdog

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I'd recommend an app like the above. However, if you're trying to learn Rule Machine and are wondering why this isn't working, it's because %device% refers to the triggering device. (It is not affected by the use of conditional actions.) Since your trigger doesn't have a device, it's null here.

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Thanks for the RM info. Makes sense.

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