Need help Setting up Tesla Powerwall Manager

Good Morning, I am trying to set up Tesa Powerwall manager and I am having authentication issues. I have put the local IP address (on my wifi network), as well as the password I use to access the Tesla app and am getting an authentication error. Is this the correct information? or am I supposed to use the information from the info sticker on the gateway?

I suspect you will need to use the info ramait on on the sticker. I just installed a powerwall and found that no data can be obtained or set from the local IP address.

Curious - Are you also using other Tesla related integration?

UPDATE - I was confusing powerwall with charger… Need to read better next time…

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Just as an aside, and curiosity, are solar panels involved with your installations, or not?

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Yes, I would like to pull that into the system as well, but near as I can tell the company that made our solar panels (SunPower) keeps the API for their PV6 system monitor under tight wraps. I can get what I want from the tesla info though. Primarily I'm looking to be able to monitor when the grid is out and be able to kick off or adjust the HVAC to lessen the demand on the power wall while the grid is out and the house is using it for all of our power.