Need help - remove zwave device

Trying to remove what I assume is a ghost. When the Zwave Details page has an entry like below. What exactly does PENDING indicate? And why does Remove not remove the device? This device has no route, no device name, but it does show 2 neighbors.

I'm on a C7 with platform and I have updated Zwave.

@bcopeland - Bryan, can you comment please?

Watch your logs when trying to remove.. There will be an error message when it fails to remove that will tell me a lot more.

The fact that it had neighbors tells me that at least one point this device was online and in your mesh. It might be a β€œghost” now or it might be a misbehaving device.


The reason it won't remove is because the device that created it is still online and pingable. You need to find that device (usually the one right after it) and disconnect power to it. Once you do that, shut down the hub and unplug power to it (at the wall not the hub) for 5 mins and power it back up. Attempt to remove again. If it still fails you will need a z-wave stick paired as a secondary controller and the silabs software to remove it. Ghosts like this are detrimental to your mesh.

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And does PENDING signify something?

"responded with Busy message"

often means the ZRadio has a "packet jammed sideways". Since the radios are always powered the only way to reset them is to do a Shutdown from the Settings menu then unplug the hub from the wall, not the micros usb end for 30 seconds or more, as @rlithgow1 suggests.

Right after it comes back, try that Remove again...

By "right after it" - you think that the Ring repeater created it - and I should pull the Ring repeater to try to get rid of this ghost?

And do you know the significance of the PENDING state?

No, a switch created that ghost. So if you don't know the switch and it won't remove you will need a z-wave stick attached to the hub as a secondary controller and the silabs software to remove it..


@rlithgow1 Just wanted to say thanks for posting this. I had a ghost I couldn't get rid of through the Hubitat UI and needed to use my stick. Instructions were very helpful for getting that accomplished.


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