Need help on Rule machine

Trying to create a rule the will send me a notification of total prior rain fall amount on my Netatmo

Trigger Events (ANY will trigger)

Rain Gauge reports rainSumDay(0.0) >= 0.0

Select Actions for Weather Alert - Rain Amount day before

Notify SM-N986U1: 'Rain Guage, %rainSumDay%, %value%'

but all i get is a Rain Guage . null,

Any help would be appreciated

Wild guess but are sure rainSumDay is correct or do you need '.value' on it?

Check your rule, and although it probably just a typing error above, its possible your action is reporting on null, because Gauge != Guage


great thought, i change the spelling, same result null

Post a screenshot

on notifications, i get null, null

i give that a try


i ran the rule and got null,

okay, just now have %value% ran rule and didnt get any notification

i added temperature and received a reading, since we had rain fall yesterday, i thought i would get that also. I will wait for more

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finally got some rain, it is working now. Thanks for the help, everyone!!

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