Need help on RM


Hi, I need some help me make a RM lights :

  1. After motion inactive, light still on for 30s at level 100, then set level 50 for 30s ( fade out ? ), if motion active, reset, light on, if motion inactive then light off.
  2. On the group Kitchen lights, pending off for 5 minutes. If I push a button 1, group Kitchen lights turn off right away, override pending off 5 minutes.


In your rule you do this:

Action for true: Light on to 100
Action for false: Delay these actions by 30 seconds with Cancel for truth change
Set dimmer to 50
Turn off dimmer after delay of 30 seconds (or Fade Dimmer over 30 seconds)

You may be able to do the fade directly with the dimmer itself by specifying Dim to 0 fade over 30.

This one you just have a separate Trigger that responds to the button press to turn off the light. The pending off won't matter. Just put cancel on truth change on it. If the light is turned on again, the delayed off will go away.


Thanks @bravenel . On the second question above, I make 1st rule : motion then group light A turn on, motion inactive then pending off 5 minutes. My 2nd rule : button 1 pushed then group light A turn off ( I don't need these lights still on ). But the group lights A turn off , then turn on, after 5 minutes, then off ( did not override rule 1 ??? Thanks again.


I don't understand what you want to happen with the button. Do you want it to disable the first rule? If so, for how long? By disable I mean, so that after you push the button, the lights turn off, and motion will not turn them on again.


Yes, at night when I leave Kitchen Room, go to upstairs, I push a button 1 : I want turn off all the lights, switchs in downstairs immediately. But my rule with Pending off 5 minutes > turn on the lights again !!! I need cancel Pending Off with the button 1.


No, you don't need to cancel it. All that it will do is try to turn off the lights that are already off.