Need help new with HE

Coming from ST, I had a 1 button routine to perform following :

How can I duplicate this in Hubitat?

All devices now in Hubitat.

  1. Send SMS to 2 phone numbers, door contact open and closed., as well as email.

  2. Send SMS to 2 phone numbers, on motion detection for 3 sensors. As well as email.

  3. Put Ecobee in Away mode

  4. SHUTOFF main water valve

  5. New reqt : I have 4 Wyze cameras and maybe through IFTTT, would love to all of them ON, with full detection : sound, smoke and motion. SMS and email.

I already have a few wifi only devices : 3 water sensors from iHome, 5 Smartplugs from Meross, Nest Protect. Respective Apps are good, no need for HE integration, nice to have, not need to have.

Finally another Rule to reverse all of the above.
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Thank you.

Rule Machine is most useful when you imagine it as building blocks (Lego's).

You'll want to understand everything it takes to do each of your pieces. What does it take to Turn on your Wyse cameras with the options you describe. What does it take to shut the main water valve? Ecobee is an identifiable product, so the steps needed to put it into Away is mode is clearer.

SMS.. It's clear you're using this as an Intruder Alert and Hubitat has a limit of 10 SMS per day! With 2 being consumed on each motion alert, your intruders will burn through to your limit in just a few steps. Then it will seem as if they left :frowning:

Perhaps you'd rather use Pushover, which sends Notifications vs SMS to your phone. You get 7500 notifications a month, free.

Because your question is product agnostic, you may need a Rule per. One Rule to manage your cameras, one rule to shutoff your water, 3rd rule for ecobee, etc. Rule quantity is not an issue, you can have thousands if need be. And then you can interconnect them with yet another Rule.

The point is, you can build this up as a set of Rules vs one and then optimize as experience dictates.

I'm sorry my answer is generic, but I hope you see that the answer is probably: Yes, you can do it.

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Welcome to Hubitat!

These two can be accomplished with Hubitat Safety Monitor (HSM), minus the e-mail.

A simple Away mode or virtual switch can triger a rule is Rule Machine (RM) to change Ecobee and shut off the water valve.

This would have to be done through IFTTT. I have mine set to throw a virtual switch which, through a rule, activates a virtual motion device which is monitored by HSM.

Oh man, too slow by 2 min!

Yours is better though.. less generic. :slight_smile:

Gee, you guys are good. Got it, I'll work on that. All makes sense. Only the Wyze are a bit more complicated, think I'm ok with the others.

I guess I miss the ST UI on my phone, I did like it, after more than 3 years it had grown on me...

Big thanks

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Yours is a little more coherent. together we make a good welcome wagon.

Personally I think the UI for ST sucks. Mostly because it's an Admin tool first. I would like a mobile app to help with the operation of the home, not to focus on adding devices or setting up Rules.


It gets easier with HE. The Hubitat team and the community can help you out with just about anything. You won't be sorry you made the jump to HE.

With your Wyze cam, you'll need to set the cameras in your app to always monitor motion and other things, but you'll probably want to turn off notifications. This way it will always trigger your IFTTT rule which can push it to Hubitat. You can mess around with turning on and off the motion through IFTTT but I found that there is a higher error rate as it is a cloud to cloud service and one time I left it didn't arm the camera so I would not have received any alarms. Better to have it always armed and miss one motion event than get none. Odds are if someone broke into your house they would trip the motion more than once anyways.

RE Cameras. I'm working on WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor).

She does not want the camera ON at all when we are home. She hates that, finds it super creepy.

So I turn them off.

When I turn them ON once left, using the Wyze app, it's full alerts on motion, sound and smoke. They work fantastic.

Turning them on through the app would be a good way to go while keeping Big Brother out. Mine are pointed at doors with the microphones always off. I just hate pulling out my phone to control anything, I try to automate it. One thing I did notice is that the cameras seem to be prone to false motion detection's when lights are turned on when it is dark out. Still trying to figure out a way to minimize that; still not bad for the price of the camera.

Slow dimmer? I have the same issue with my Ring Pro, but unfortunately my porch lights are not dimmers.

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That's a good idea, think I'll try that out... Thanks!

My Ring Pro does the same thing as well; it is either the lights or the ninja rabbits on my lawn setting it off.

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RE Wyze. I have 32 gb cards in mine, always recording, but not notifying (just in case). Also using a virtual switch with IFTTT and Chucks driver using webhooks rather than the applet looking for on/off activity. I’ve found this method way more reliable. Driver, here. . Just past in the webhook URL for on and off.

Having the recording saved both our cats going to the vets, wed never know which one was ill (I’ll spare the details lol). Now we do, halved our bill. :joy:

Using the always recording, at least you can view this and save to your mobile device if needed. I also suffer the lighting sending false alerts,