Need help in Purchasing my First Hubitat Elevation


Need your help in Purchasing my First Hubitat Elevation from the official website. The Website gives us multiple option to add to Cart to Place the Order. India's adapter Voltage is 240V.

Option 1 : Hubitat ElevationĀ® US
Option 2 : Hubitat ElevationĀ® North America
Option 3 : Hubitat ElevationĀ® Europe
Option 4 : Hubitat ElevationĀ® UK / IRL
Option 5 ; Hubitat ElevationĀ® AUS / NZ

India's Frequency is * India (865.2).

All your help is highly appriciated.

Pradeep Nair.

I Live in India (Asia)

Ordering Hubitat ElevationĀ® for Other Regions

Hubitat ElevationĀ® can be used in any region of the world. To order a hub for a different region, select the product above that has the power supply that you need. You will be able to set the Z-Wave frequency for your region in the user interface when you set up your hub. All power supplies are USB 5 Volts @ 1 Amp, 100V to 240V. Other available regions/frequencies include:

  • Korea/Thailand (920.9, 921.7, 923.1)
  • Malaysia (919.8, 921.4)
  • India (865.2)
  • Israel (916)
  • Japan (922.5, 923.9, 926.3)
  • Russia (869.0)
  • Hong Kong (919.8)
  • China (868.4)

The new C-7 hubs that they are shipping now have radios that provide all the listed channels. I believe the radio is selected when you configure your region on the device. So your choice of what to order should be driven by the power supply.



@pradeepjnair - for India, I would select the UK version, which also comes with a 240V power supply.


Thanks a ton Mate. this answers my Query.


Type M and Type C

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Thanks Mate.


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