Need Help? Give Us The Details... We Love It... :-) And Don't Go Away

When requesting help a couple of details can make a big difference when providing support, dependent on the type of issue you are facing:

Device Issues (Pairing, General Operation):

  • What device make / model are you trying to use with or pair to HE?
  • What driver are you trying to use?

App Issues (Rule Machine, Button Controller, etc):

  • Provide a screenshot of the App setup screens, such as Rule Trigger, Actions, etc


  • What HE platform version are you running?
  • Are there any logs that could point to the cause of your issue? Can you turn on logging options in the App or Device settings to help diagnose your issue? Providing a screenshot of any logs can be quite helpful.
  • Screenshots are GOLD - pictures, thousands of words... hopefully I don't need to explain this analogy too much more, though I do get we are in a broad and varied collection of cultures and individuals... So... Just post a screenshot :slight_smile: It makes things so much easier to diagnose.

Don't Go Away:

A minor personal grievance of mine.... If you post something, particularly requesting support, I at least would appreciate it, if people would check back on the topic over the next 30 - 60 minutes to see if anyone responds. As the banner suggests, we have a vibrant Community of dedicated enthusiasts around the world eager to help other like-minded people, so take advantage of that by keeping an eye out for people responding to any request you make.


It’s also helpful to state whether the issue is repeatable, or, instead, intermittent.


Welcome to the community!

It's always easier to understand your situation if you post some pics. :slight_smile:
You might need to go to Hub owners - Hubitat , join the group and then you'll be able to post lots of them. :grin: