Need help getting limptech presence sensors working

Hi folks.
After seeing some good comments on the linptech presence sensors i purchased a couple this past weekend. As soon as i powered the first one up it was discovered by my C8. The blue light flashed for a couple of minutes and then went out. I waited several minutes and the device did not detect any motion. I powered it down and got the second one and it was exactly the same. I tried to create a very simple routine (lights on with presence and off when none) but never got a light to come on. Oh, and that pesky blue light most people mention never comes on after the 2 minute power up . I have tried a couple of drivers, one for Limptech and a Tuya multisensor but the results are the same. After loading each driver i refresh the unit in hubitat but still no luck.
I hope someone here can help otherwise I will need to return the units.
Thanks for any help you can provide!

Same problem here... It will add, get recognized as an existing device. But will not log an event. Hope someone can help!

@danningson @miller.rickm please give more details - State Variables screenshot, Preferences section screenshot, debug logs.

The simplest troubleshooting action for any ZigBee device is to switch the driver debug logs on, then power off the device (or remove the battery for 10 seconds), then power the device back on.

Anything in the live logs?

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I fixed mine by changing the driver from the Linptech ES1 driver to the Tuya Multi Sensor V 1.5.3 driver.

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Both drivers should work. Sometimes, these Zigbee devices need to be paired more than one time, close to the HE hub.

It's good to hear you have yours working now!

Must have been some temporary glitch...lots of us using the Linptech driver for months w/out issues. Glad you're up and running as well.

It was a C8 migration thing. Still have a FP1 i cannot get back working.

@kkossev @danabw
Well... spoke too soon. linptech dropped off last night and is not working again today.
Strange. The device shows online, but last activity was 2024-02-14 03:13:21 AM EST. I am standing in front of it and no motion or presence detection.

Debug logs shows it is connected. Just stopped detecting.

dev:6952024-02-14 08:48:42.458 AMdebugBsm Presence Sensor write attribute response is success

dev:6952024-02-14 08:48:42.456 AMdebugBsm Presence Sensor parse: (_TZ3218_awarhusb, TS0225_LINPTECH_RADAR, 1.5.3 2023/09/30 12:32 PM) descMap = [raw:catchall: 0104 E002 01 01 0040 00 C3B3 00 00 0000 04 01 00, profileId:0104, clusterId:E002, clusterInt:57346, sourceEndpoint:01, destinationEndpoint:01, options:0040, messageType:00, dni:C3B3, isClusterSpecific:false, isManufacturerSpecific:false, manufacturerId:0000, command:04, direction:01, data:[00]]

You might try a reset/re-pair of the device farther away from your hub...I've found that I have the most stabilty w/Zigbee on my C8 w/devices joining through mains powered Zigbee devices that repeat. I moved my Linptechs to my C7 as they didn't seem to play nicely w/some Aqara contact sensors on my C8.

As @kkossev notes, the driver you choose shouldn't have any effect on the device staying connected to your hub, so you can choose whichever of the two drivers you prefer.

Sorry I can't help more...I've had a couple instances of the Linptech sensors falling off and needed a power cycle over the past few months, but overall they have been solid for me.

You mentioned a power cycle. Had not thought of that. It did restart and has worked all day. Hope it stays.

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I may think of optimizing the Health Check frequency update for the Linptech sensors.
Currently, the 4-in-1 driver checks for any message received from the devices in a four hours period. If nothing is received in three consecutive 4-hour periods, the healthStatus is switched to offline.

The above works OK for battery-powered sensors that report the remaining battery percentage rarely, typically once per 4 or 8 or 12 hours.

The mmWave sensors are mains / DC powered, and they respond to Ping commands, so here the healthCheck online/offline status could be updated much faster.

Note, that 'online' means only that there is some activity from the device - something was received recently. It can not catch device malfunction (like being stuck on motion inactive, but being 'alive' at the same time).


Thank you. Yes, my debug logs indicated communication and activity. So it was online. Just stuck in inactive. A power cycle seems to have fixed it.