Need help Filter by date range in Past logs

Can't seem to get the date range to work so what am I overlooking?

Go to Past logs and click on Filter by date range. I can click on todays date in the circle but nothing happens when I try clicking on other dates as they are greyed out.

Another issue, and is what started me digging into the logs, is things that I know that ran today are not showing in the logs even if I do a Reload. An example is my pool pump which uses the MHCOZY 4 relay board to run the pump at different speeds. The log used to show speed 1 or speed 2, etc depending on what relay had been engaged. Speed 1 kicked on this morning and it's now 7:30pm and there is no record in the log although the pump in running right now. The rule fired on the morning time trigger and started the pump but there isn't a log of the rule either. If I type Speed 1 in the Search box I still do not get any results. This is happening with my sprinklers as well. They ran this morning but no record of the rule running or the device turning on. I'd like to add that these did show up in the logs in the past. Any suggestions?

Also some suggestions;

Have a last 24hr check box selection for past logs.
Be able to color code by app/dev. If you have multiple app/device selected in the filter, being able to follow the flow by color seems a little easier then just lines of text.

I'm on

Edit; I verified Events, triggers and actions is enabled in the rules.

Do you have so much logs that it has overflowed in less than 24hours and cut off? The log has a size limit and it just prunes off the end when it reaches the limit.

If there is a particular device you are interested in, go to the device page and click the events tab.

That could be the case where it overflowed. I have all devices and rules enabled to log in case I have to do some troubleshooting. Are there any best practices/suggestions I should be doing concerning logging? I just figured I'd have everything dump in the log so I'd have a record if trouble arises.

Still can't figure out the filter by date range though. Is it just me or can someone try and filter on something for the last few days.


I used to leave a lot of logging on, but now I have started turning off things that are working as expected, especially device logging. You can really get a good picture of the device history using the events tab, and even more so if you do any charts.

If I have an issue I will enable the logging and then next time I review the logs and see a bunch of clutter I go back and turn things off if the issue was fixed.

The filter works, only available days are enabled, anything greyed out has no logs. Mine actually goes back to May 31 if I switch back a month then everything before that is greyed out. This is on my test hub, so not much logs going on.

I turned off logging for some of the more chatty devices and rules so lets see what happens. I'm going to have to rethink how I use the logs.

Looking at Events is good but only to look at that specific device whereas I liked the log since it will show what's happening with a rule and the associated devices within it, all in one place.

I send data to Home Assistant and use Grafana for charts so I think I'll be creating some new ones today.

Thanks for the assistance.