Need Help figuring out how to write notifications

One area where I have really struggled is in writing notifications. I follow the examples and I just get notifications that are completely useless. Its time to figure this out.

As an example, I would like a notification whenever the mode changes. Last night I set up a notification based on the example in the app

and I get this useless notification

What am I not understanding? Whatever it is, I'm sure it is just going to make other, more complicated notifications impossible.

I would eventually like to set up notifications when a particular rules fires or when a device turns on or off, etc. can someone please help me wrap my mind around this process? thanks!

Your rule is ok but %mode% is not a valid reserved variable. I don't think there is one for mode. %value% %text% %device% %now% are the only ones I know of.

I tried doing something similar in RM and I can't remember as it was a while back, but I couldn't find an easy way to pop up which mode from a variable. I just use different rules that are activated by a specific mode change.

I have the same notification - here's my rule:

The trigger event fills the %value%. I remember I also expected %mode% as a variable originally!

I use FollowME - a great tool from @bptworld - it maintains a variable called 'latestMessageFrom' which helps in reports and such - Rules dont' automatically update that variable so thats why you see both lines. Replace my FollowMe with your notification device. works like a champ!


I thought I tried %value% and it didn't work. Apparently I did something wrong.

I'll add - the other stumble I made originally - and I recall this like it was yesterday - don't put upper case! I put 'Value' instead of 'value' and that caused me a full hour of hair pull!

%value% is working for me. Interestingly however, it didn't work when I manually changed the modes to test it. But the last two days it has been notifying correctly with the various mode changes.