Need generic Zigbee and ZWave support

I have a cooper aspire switch/dimmer. I publishes the zwave device classes as such, so it should be able to work at a generic level as a switch, the. Hopefully as a dimmer.
I also have a zigbee dimming switch by Sylvania (osram). This is a two button controller. This too has the generic features of a two button controller. Yet, Hubitat create these as generic devices with no support what so ever. Can we make it such that when a device is added, the generic device type handlers are used of no better device is available (like all my other hubs work)? Please?

Update : I found it. I can actually change the device type. I wont delete this in case others have the issue

How did you make Aspire switch/dimmer discoverable? I just moved into a place with these dimmer, so I want to use Hubitat to connect with these dimmer

I'm newbee here. I tried Device Discovery, I couldn't find any dimmers.

Set hub and nto discovery mode, then press the top of the paddle switch (power on) and wait. If it does not find ir, go to z-wave utilities, and put hib in exclusion mode, then press paddle switch again and wait. Go back to discovet mode and try again.

I excluded mine fromnthe old network before migrating. If these were already in your hius, it may be looking for the old hub still. I dis have to factory reset once. I think :thinking: contacted cooper for instructions, and I think they were to hold the power button for like 30 seconds... maybe press up like 10 times.. i don’t recall

But if the switch is blinking blue, then it is not paired yet, and you should be able to simply tap to activate pairing.

One of my switch is blinking blue and hubitat hub is only like 15 feet away, the switch is still not show up in discovery page after press on the paddle. I will ask cooper for reset instruction to see if that works. Thanks!

If blinking blue, it is not paired. To pair it put hubitat into pairing mode, then a few seconds later press the paddle up (light on). Wait a few minutes to pair. It will appear as a device, which you will later have to manually change to a smart dimmer. There is not off button on this device, the on is actually a toggle.

pairing mode = Discover Devices/Device Discovery?

I click "Discover Devices" from Hubitat portal, click on dimmer paddle up (light on). Nothing shows up in the "Device Discovery" page.

There are 2 walls between hub and dimmer, and 15 feet apart. Will that affect the discovery?

It should not be affected. But, I think I may have had to reboot the hub when I first paired mine.

Thank you for the help. I will talk to manufacture...

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