Need for audible alerts

Hi Guys

I need two types of audible alerts for when specific sensors are triggered or whatever conditions i set.

  1. Short beeps to notify if warning sensors are triggered
  2. Long Beeping (1 second apart) for X seconds for when intrusion sensors are triggered

Im trying to mimic my current 433mhz based alarm system setup where the panel will produce warning beeps and if I dont disarm in x seconds it will fire up the sirens.

With hubitat, what are good/reliable ways to achieve this?

If ya'l could feedback on some of my thoughts to achieve this, the follow are ranked from my preferred solution to least preferred.

  1. Is there a Z-wave microspeaker that can be triggered to produce these beeps? I know there are z-wave sirens but those are for the alarms already. What i want are ways to produce just little audible cues.

THIS IS MY PREFERRED SOLUTION as it's flexible and i can setup audibles in every room of the house.

  1. Is there a way to make the dashboard produce these audible alerts? i can perhaps attach a bluetooth speaker to the tablet that will be running the dashboard 24/7

  2. Analog Beepers
    Perhaps i can wire together (or buy) some mini beepers (analog) that beep whenever there's power and connect that to zwave relays (that support DC volts perhaps?) that will control ON/OFF = beeps ....... this pretty much mimics #1 but with analog speakers instead of zwave speakers/beepers.

  3. Custom HTTP API
    Im a web applications dev and im thinking of a way to setup a small http server that will somehow produce these alerts....... i reviewed the rule manager and such and it seems the http post/get actions are straight.. but i dont wanna go this route as it relies on yet another dependency

This what i got so far..


There's probably a lot of ways to skin this cat. I'll tell you one way I'd use that wouldn't require me to buy anything. You may well have to......

I have like 5 Ring Gen 1 Keypads that are capable of playing maybe 5 or more different sounds. The keypad is easily loud enough to hear for me. Pick a different sound or chime for different needs. You could even have it strobe a red flashing light (or not) if you want. I bought my keypads on ebay but I'll post a link to amazon. Looks like none on Amazon, but this is the model..

You may also be interested in the Aeotec Siren: