Need battery for WA105DBZ-1 Siren

Need a replacement rechargeable battery for my aging GoControl WA105DBZ-1 Siren. GoControl does not have any, and I cannot find one on the net.

Hope someone knows where to get one of these things.

Specs: 6V NI_MH 150MAH
Size: 3x2x1 cm

Closest I'm seeing out there is:

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Thank you for finding something close.

At US $26.95 that is a pricey battery!

I have two of those. I have just been using 4 rechargeable AA cells in mine.

I considered using 5 rechargeable AAAs, but could not find space in the device for them.

Update: there are at least two versions of this device

  1. 120V plug in power supply with backup battery shown above (My device)
  2. 4 AA batteries (not mains powered)

Aha - that's my version (both of them).

My printed documentation says Nortek / GoControl. The following is Linear brand, but same device as mine.

Have you tried one of the Battery stores to see if they can find a replacement or rebuilt the pack. The battery looks like some of the portable phone style batteries.

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I had a set of Panasonic cordless phones. This looks like the battery they used. I purchased some replacement batteries at Best Buy.....but that was some time ago.

Since its dead I would cut off the shrink wrap and see what's inside many internet stores will tack weld batteries to your specifications, then just solder on the connector wires.

Thank you for the suggestions. Removed the plastic wrap and found the cell was made from five B150H batteries. I'll check the online battery suppliers and with the local electronics store.

At 105DB this siren is loud, and works without the backup battery.

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