Need Assistance Getting "Stranded" Cloud Backups Removed


Recently I migrated to two of the New C-8 hubs. Absolutely love them and continued to be amazed with the things I can do with Hubitat.

I need help in getting the old backups removed that are associated the prior two C-7 hubs. I was hoping they would eventually "roll off" but they seem to be staying and limiting the number of cloud backup iterations for the two new C-8 hubs.

Could someone tell me how I can go about either deleting them myself or do I need to have support delete them for me?

The names of the backups associated with the prior C-7 hubs are named HUB-C701 and HUB-C702. There are 10 of them dating back to March 05, 2023.

Thanks so much,

They wouldn't reduce the number of available backups on the C-8. Each hub id should get up to 5 rolling backups (oldest is removed first). I'll take a look at your account in the morning. I remember I handled your transfer, so you don't need to create a new ticket.

Ah, you youngsters who still have that thing called a memory.


Thank you so much!!

Nah, he’s just been testing out an exciting new AI system.


What could possibly go wrong?

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Ok, mystery solved. Because your C-7s have been deregistered, I don't think you would have been able to remove them manually anymore. I removed the backups from our end.

Thanks again Bobby!