Need Advice On Sourcing Rain Proof Electrical Box and Fittings for Low Voltage Wire

I'm planning on putting a Zen16 multirelay in a weathertight box and connect low voltage wiring to my gate control box (exposed to elements). Would any of you have any suggestions on where to source this? I'm thinking maybe @neonturbo might because he did the GenMon build.

I’ve used these boxes...

LMioEtool ABS Plastic Dustproof Waterproof IP65

With some cable glands

No issues over last year. Buried in snow and didn’t leak after the melt.

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In the US, I like Carlon pvc FS boxes with gasketed cover. Larger sizes of pvc boxes are available as well. I keep 4x4 and 6x6 on my own supplies shelf.

BUT if you happen to live in a high humidity area, I've found that condensation accumulates in tightly gasketed boxes. I now drill a tiny weep hole or two at the lowest point.

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I have my ZEN16 in one of these, works fine. I got the Sockitbox based on a recommendation in this forum.

I just purchased a cheap project box from Amazon.

Something like this.

test that it works outside before bothering.. i had no luck with a zen or mimo+ outside.. the qubino on the otherhand works fine. i even have a zwave extender in a plastic outside box.. didnt help.

put it in a zip lock bag and test it in place.

I don't know how to make the low voltage cable entrance into the box water tight.
The gate's control box has watertight fittings-you put the wire through it and tighten it up.
I haven't found anything similar.
I guess I could use pvc conduit, maybe flexible, with the liquid tight fittings they sell at home depot.
Or, I could just gobber it up with silicone. :slight_smile:

I have tested once already. I'll try again before committing.

You want an "electrical gland fitting". Worst case, you just drill a hole and use outdoor rated silicone to seal the wire to the box. I would make the cable or fitting enter on the bottom of the box no matter what I did. And have a drip loop on the cable before it enters the box.

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Thanks. I didn't even know what to search for.

That’s not a bad idea. Mine in the Sockitbox I posted about above is outside on our patio surrounded by brick of our patio fireplace. Yes, I did have to put a Ring repeater on the other side of the wall in the house. The ZEN16 is mains powered from the USB connector.


I would try one of these two sites...

Both sites will also have boxes. NEMA rating 3R is rainproof...NEMA 4 will handle splashing water. Probably not the cheapest options but generally industrial grade stuff.

Thanks everyone!