Need a way to clear the exported (published) clipboard

Reopening this one. I don't understand the logic in this thread? A regular clipboard only lasts until another copy is performed. I haven't run into a situation (yet) where I would want to have multiple clips and if I did I am sure this would be the exception, not the rule. I would prefer that the clipboard last as long as a normal clipboard, until I copy something new. Also it would be nice to see what I am pasting when I do use the clipboard - not just the name of the rule.

I estimate it will take me over half an hour to clear my extensive clipboard today. I have to screenshot the import clipboard dropdown in multiple parts to see which rules I need to look at. Open each rule, click the export button off, and save the rule?

Am I missing something in my understanding of what I have to do to clean it up and/or the way it is working or should work? Thanks.

I use several published clipboards as templates for new rules I write. Personally, I would not want a new published clipboard to overwrite a previous published clipboard.

However, it would be nice to be able to select from a list, "published clipboards", and have a check box next to each one to deselect and clear, similar to the way "Show app disable check boxes". (but yet ... another dream).