Need a light switch that does not require a neutral wire

I’m a c7 user
My house does not have neutral wires for the light switches. Can someone recommend a switch that I can use for a switch that does not require a neutral wire. I have 2 bedrooms that have just one light switch and I would like to replace them with a switch that integrates with my c7.

Inovelli switches mostly don’t require a neutral.

Lutron Caseta dimmers - they're bullet-proof and don't need neutral conductors at the switch. You could also install a relay (z-wave or zigbee) at the fixture, and control it using a Pico.

+1 for the Inovelli switches cause they work great and are from a great company that supports this community.

I think they are all still on back order though, the site said they’ll be available January. Well worth the wait if you want to go that route.


My home was built in 1969 and has no neutrals. Each switch box has one black wire and one white wire. There are no white wires connected together behind the box.

The Sonoff ZBMINI-L

combined with a Zooz momentary switch

works great.

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