Need a battery powered Painting light

I have a painting I would like to light at night. It has to be battery. I have no way to get power up there. I would also like it to come on and off based on time or area illumination. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

I had a similar need but wanted to illuminate a 3D frame painting from behind. There was no power where the painting was at the end of the hall.

I first used a short section of low voltage LED strip connected to a 32000 mAh USB power bank. That lasted about 3 days of constant on.

My solution was to drill a 1/8” hole in the wall behind the painting, fish the wiring from the painting through the wall into the closet in the master bedroom. Now power is within 3 feet. The painting covers the hole.
I use a smart plug with a 12 volt wall wart to control it. Has been working well for a few months.

Unless you use rechargeable batteries, this could get expensive.

Any way to route 2 20 gauge wires to that location, either though a wall, or by routing the wiring hither and yon using wiring concealers?

Thanks for explanation and picture. Unfortunately, this is an outside wall. I will keep looking. Thanks

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