Neato: The Last Great Step to Total ST Freedom

I've noticed that there is a modest but vocal group of folks in the community for whom Neato is the only thing standing between the ST hub and garbage can (or paper weight or bookend or .....). I would love to port the existing Neato app from ST to HE. I tried for awhile and finally threw in the towel (sadly, I'm not a developer and have a day-job).

Wondering if there's enough people and energy around these parts such that we could pool efforts and somehow create a community solution for Neato that supports the no-go lines, of course. Would appreciate any suggestions, because I'm all out of ideas.

For those who recommend IFTTT, it works unidirectionally--you can start your vacuum, but there's no way (that I'm aware of) to find out if/when the vacuum has completed the job). For my use-case, ugh.

For those who recommend node-red, that's certainly a viable option, but it appears to involve a deep hole d' rabbit that I'm not sure I can stomach.


I'd like to bump this thread because I too have a Neato D7. I am so far unimpressed with it, but it's mine now, so, I would like to integrate it.

Anyone out there get this working off of IFTTT

You can absolutely use IFTTT to activate your Neato. I've done it and I know other people around here have as well. The issue that I had (you may not) is that IFTTT isn't bidirectional with Neato--afaik you can't trigger automations in Hubitat based on when Neato completes its vacuuming. This is why I wish I could write a Neato driver, but I just don't possess the skill.


I too would love to have the same Neato functionality in Hubitat that ST had.


It would be great to have Neato integration (I have a D3) but OAuth is not my friend! :wink:


I have now finished my migration to HE, finally unplugging my ST Hub - I think it's worth noting for others (like me) who were counting down the days of being able to unplug the ST Hub, you can run the Neato > ST integration without an ST Hub connected as it's Cloud > Cloud.

If you use 'HubConnect' between HE and the ST Cloud all will work fine and you don't need the ST Hub powered on to integrate the Neato to HE, just the ST Cloud acting as an intermediary.

Maybe one day someone with more knowledge on OAUTH can find a simple way to port the Groovy App Code into HE directly - but for now, this works great.

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Can this be done without ever owning ST?

Absolutely - just sign up for an ST account, create a location in the ST app and then sign in via IDE :slight_smile:

There is a neato integration with node-red, for those that use that. That is how I use/integrate my neato vacuum with home automation.

Ugh guess I'm going to have to dive into the deep end. :crazy_face:

I found that I don't really use my neato status for much, in terms of automation. Not sure I would bother setting it up again if I had to do it over, actually.


I left ST without this integration and sure would love it for my 2 D7s. Using geofencing to start the vacuums when gone and motion sensors to start them when the house is asleep would be my use case.

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Not what you asked for, but you can do it in node-red or home assistant, and integrate that with hubitat.

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Hi. I've integrated a D7 vacuum through IFTTT but have run into a problem. Whenever the D7 is triggered to run using IFTTT, nogo lines are disabled. I have an open case with Neato on this problem. Can anyone validate if a neato vacuum is triggered through other mechanisms (ST hub integration, node red, etc.) that the vacuum will obey nogo lines?

Thanks in advance.

I do it via ST integration, and it will obey no-go lines.

Did you ever resolve this?

Unfortunately, no. The issue is still open with Neato support. When I last contacted them I was pretty much told we are aware of your issue, don’t call us, we’ll call you. Does that mean they are working on a solution? I don’t have a clue. As @mluck has suggested, the only solution I’m aware of is to use an ST hub. Then there are a number of potential ways to link the operation with Hubitat

I have a dumb neato (no wifi). I haven't tried it, but it seems like a SwitchBot could be used to trigger the "go" button. Might cause some issues getting under the couch or bed, though.

Just checked the site...Prime Day deals AND a video showing a Roomba setup just as I described!

Do you have what you started working on or at least a link to the ST code you tried to port? I have ported a few drivers. I might be able to help get it going in the right direction at least.

If you could, you would be my hero!

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