Neato is officially kaput

I know there's a group of us who use our Neato vacuums with our Hubitat, so I thought this would be of interest. Neato is shutting down. Vorwerk Group (Neato's parent company in Germany) did say they'll keep the cloud services on for five more years, so I guess that's the silver lining.

Link to original article in German
TecHive Article

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Well that sucks. My D7 is getting a little run down. I tried a D9 and it was terrible. No go lines gone and now boxes only. Plus it kept getting lost.


Too bad. I like my neato d7. Oh well.

I'll have to look at something else when the D7 dies I guess.

Nice to see a company at least coming out of the gate saying they will keep cloud services alive. Might change in a year, but at least it gives users time to adjust at their own pace. Sort of like Logitech Harmony, the product has stopped being produced, but it seems the software has been maintained.

For those looking to switch, I highly recommend Roborock. I have 2 units (S6 & Q5) and they both have served me really well. S6 is downstairs on the laminate floors and rugs, and the Q5 is upstairs on the carpet. The mapping is superb. They rarely get stuck, usually on a dog or cat toy they ate, rarely do they get stuck on furniture. Q5 has an auto emptying dustbin that works well too, and is highly convenient and requires little maintenance.

The Hubitat integration side is sort of lacking, but it works well for me. I believe there is a direct integration with their cloud, but I don't use it. I just added them to Alexa and created a virtual door sensor in Hubitat. This way I can program them to run daily, given some criteria is met. Anything else like individual room cleaning, I do from the app manually.

Usually the large Amazon sales (Prime day, Black Friday) they are heavily discounted, usually $100+ off.


Oh, crap. I love my Neato D5 -- it just works great. I did just replace the battery after 5 years.

That's the one I see mentioned the most.

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We have two Robot vacs (Eufy) and honestly they're more trouble than they're worth. Why? I have kids... Between nerf darts, wired headphones, plastic whatever including legos.... They just don't stand a chance.

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I totally agree this. I moved from a Neato D7 to Roborock S7 about 6 months ago. It was a tremendous improvement.


We had a Eufy and to put it mildly, it was a piece of Junk.. Could never get the thing to leave the kitchen or it was constantly getting stuck in the laundry room. Couldnt keep up with the GSD and pittie hairs. W just picked up a roborock, and I have to say I'm very impressed so far. Seems to be handling the Dog hair just fine. But I don't have kids, and we do have to keep bigger stuff, cords, bottle caps, dog chews (usually antlers) picked up before we run it.