Natural language processing using the alexa-remote2, ecolect and node-red

Earlier today, @SmartHomePrimer and I were discussing the desirability to set a time for an automation to be triggered (for eg. a wake up time) using Alexa. Doug pointed out that if the automation is triggered by a virtual switch, it should be possible to create an Alexa routine that turns the switch on at the desired time.

While true, it still is not as convenient as directly telling Alexa to turn that switch on at the desired time.

I just found a node, "node-red-contrib-ecolect", which does exactly that.

Here’s a YouTube video demonstrating its use:

It should absolutely be possible to combine this with Alexa-remote 2 to trigger an automation at the desired time that is spoken

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49 minutes long?! :rofl:

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I linked the wrong video! Here’s the correct one.

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Yes, this could definitely make the phrase recognition easier and more accurate. The hard part is how would you get by without having to create a dummy routine for every variation of what you might say to Alexa. I don't know how you would do that for "Alexa, Turn off light is X minutes" when X could be any number from 1 to 60 (or more). There would be the same issue if asking "Alexa, Turn off the lights at 6:30". I don't know that would work.

My use for this is much simpler. I have a single virtual switch that I want to turn on at the designated time - a virtual switch that turns on my wake-up sequence the next morning. I'm almost there ....

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