Natively controllable box/floor/stand fans?

I’m having a surprisingly hard time trying to find some regular oscillating type fans that natively and locally connect with HE. Any recommendations?

I created a solution for myself:

I've built two of these now and I like 'm. They are sizable but they hide quite well in my home, so I barely can remember they exist.

I have a couple of the tall style and dislike them a lot.

They can't be controlled like I did with the others. They can't be turned on and left on. If they get unplugged (powered off) they remain powered off. It's the smart bulb behind a switch problem in reverse. :smiley: The really stupid, mechanical switch fans work the best. :slight_smile:

I wonder with some tinkering and an Mhcozy momentary switch if a fan could be made fully smart.

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So I've actually got a handful of old school oscillating fans with IR remotes and switchbots taped to the base. They work fairly well but it's frustrating to go through Switchbot and, separately, it's hard to find fans with fully absolute IR protocols ("turn fan on" as opposed to "toggle state" or "set fan to medium speed, no matter what speed it was going before").

I can continue my workarounds and from the answers here I think that's necessary - seems like nobody actually makes a zigbee or zwave fan, eh?

Have not seen one. And I looked obsessively. Maybe there is a WIFI fan out there by a company that has an open API? Than something could maybe be done.

Yep, all of that here too... It's unfortunate there aren't better off-the-shelf options, but I suppose the market's just not there to make it worthwhile.

I'm super grateful for @tomw's awesome Switchbot integration - that is a really nice win for being able to work in some fan automations.

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I find the basic mechanical ones with a smart plug work best for me. You can keep one of the speed control buttons pressed in and the thing turns on and off at that speed each time. Better than those electronic ones with the lights and remote control, as they power up in "Off" and you still have to access them directly to set them going.

The benefit of the smart plug is when the hot weather is over I simply plug my convector heater into the same plug and put the fan away. One plug, one dashboard entry :smiley:

Thinking about this the switchbot hub can clone ir remote and that can be controlled by Hubitat.

FWIW, I tried the Broadlink RM4 before I tried Switchbot Mini hub... In my experience, both the Switchbot Mini hub's range and position flexibility (how close / directly "pointing" does it need to be) noticeably better than the RM4. Plus, Switchbot has a really well-working HE integration (Broadlink does not).

Im pretty happy with my switchbot. With that said, anytime I'm buying new stuff for my house I always ask, "is there a natively smart version of this item?" hence this original thread. I know how to hack my solutions, but I was looking for the OEM option which, apparently, doesn't really exist. No biggie!

I use a standard oscillating fan with a standard Zigbee plug, running through a rule based on temp given from a Zigbee temp sensor. Does the trick for me.

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