NAS-SC01ZE coolcam

Hey all,

Hope you are having a good weekend. Just ordered the UK/eur to Singapore. I'm a novice with 1 yeelight wifi and a few tuya wifi switches lying around (hubitat will be my first hub). I came across this NAS-SC01ZE by coolcam z wave using neutral wire. was anyone able to add this to hubitat? Thank you.

I belable there has being a 2ch driver for this divece since 2019.
I am looking for a 3ch driver, if anybody knows wher I can get it, please help me with it

yes it will support. i'm using it.

Hi the driver Ii am looking for a 3ch version. here a link to the item

Ican not find a driver for it.

Apologies again as I am a automation retard.. I need some advice for something that happened.

I got two switches installed (one dual-switch and one single switch) and everything was working fine. I even made scenes and was enjoying the lifestyle until my toaster shorted the house saturday morning.

My hubitat seemed to stop communicating with the switches even if they can be seen in the devices list. I tried to force remove the switches (I should have taken time to do the rest of the lessl destructive solutions actually but oh well..

Now I got them removed from the devices list, but the main issue is I can't seem to get the switches back in the devices list. I can't get them under inclusion mode (the switches always blink at 0.5s for only three times before they stop blinking, which is seen in the manual as exclusion mode)

coolcam manual screenshot

May I ask if any of you have any advice any other way to have my switches to blink at 1 sec interval until inclusion is successful? from reading the manual it seems hubitat (or any controller should be the one controlling how they should blink)

I have done below with no effect(maybe recklessly but I am out of my wits):

1.Discover devices> Exclusion > Inclusion mode tap3x (but switches blink 0.5s 5x instead)
2.Discover devices> Exclusion whilst tapping 3x (0.5sec blink) under hubitat nothing notified as excluded> Inclusion (switches still blink at 0.5s 5x instead) Interesting I got some details under Z wave settings. Not sure what it is though..

Screenshot 2021-02-07 163819
I also got a weird graph with the Z wave topology.

  1. reboot procedure done via settings page
  2. shut down procedure done via settings page
  3. turning off power and turning on for hubitat
  4. settings>z wave details> recklessly reset the Z-wave radio
  5. turning off my main circuit breaker for only the switches

I really like the concept of local control and a very helpful community but anything IT related is my anti forte. still please let me know if there is anything I missed out and thank you again.