Nanoleaf driver looses connection after a couple of days

Hey folks, I have Nanoleaf elements and shapes that stop responding to Hubitat a couple of days after pairing them.

I tried three or four times already, and all three devices started throwing 408 errors after a few days of successful operation while still being responsive in the Nanoleaf app. Once that starts happening, I can't pair them to any Hubitat device (same or newly created) until I reset them and re-add them to Nanoleaf.

I tried both Canvas and Aurora drivers with the same result.

Does anyone have any idea why that happens and how to fix it?
(tagging @mike.maxwell as I think he's the one working on this particular driver)

Do elements and shapes support the local tcp api?, or just Thread/Bluetooth…
Neither of these have been tested using the inbuilt Hubitat drivers.

They are both local TCP API. As I mentioned, they get connected, work for a few days, and then fall off, and it only started lately; they worked for months with no problems.

I have three online and haven’t had any issues with them.
When you say fall off, do you mean that you need to pair them again?
Have they received any new firmware updates from Nanoleaf?

Granted, I do not use the nanoleaf app at all with any of them…

They stop being responsive. Just pairing them with Hubitat doesn't work, as even after I put them in pairing mode, the Get Auth Token command still can't find it. The only thing that works is to reset them.

I afraid I did :frowning: Frankly, I suppose they â– â– â– â–  ed something up, but asking this friendly community is so much easier than getting to their support. I guess I should stop searching under the streetlight and go to them, yup.

I wonder how do you initially set them up without their app?

I meant I didn’t use the app after initial setup.

I haven’t updated the firmware on these in at least 6 months, and one Aurora device has been joined to the same C3 hub for 2 years now.

Is anyone else having this issue after updating to the latest nanoleaf firmware (whatever version is)?