Nano Leaf led light strips matter enabled

Looking to replace a light strip. See these on Amazon.
Any opinions, recommendations?
Good? Bad?
Better suggestion?


I bought one and it works well enough, though there are a couple oddities that I'm not sure if are related to the strip itself or just how Matter or the particular hub/driver I'm using it with works. Specifically,

  1. Transition time with "Set Level" is ignored if the device is starting from off (does seem to work if already on); I, unfortunately, find a 1-second transition unbearably long, being used to Hue's 400 ms default
  2. Occasionally they spam my hub with reports, sometimes genuine but sometimes seemingly spurious (e.g., device is off, device is off, device is off; or CT is 4000, CT is 4010, CT is 4000, etc., when I didn't really change it and the device is off and it shouldn't matter)

The bulbs behave the same, if you're wondering.

But they're one of very few Thread routers ("repeaters") on the market right now, especially at a reasonable price from a name brand, so if you're planning on adding sensors and don't have many border routers on your network already (e.g., multiple HomePods or Apple TVs, or whatever you are using), they may be helpful for ensuring good range. That's why I got the bulbs after the lightstrip, even though most of my home is still Hue. :smiley:

I have the xmas lights and they're great, I also have a ton of their panels. (Which also repeat thread)

Thank you for the info.
One more question about how they are listed. The image shows what looks like 2 seperate strips,

one color, other white. But it says 200ā€. A bit confusing.

Look a bit more closely and you'll actually see four separate strips. :smiley: What you've got is the "base" 2m kit plus three 1m extensions, totaling 5m as in the title. (Not that you can't picture this yourself, but that's pretty long--that's the one I got and I was shocked it was that long for this price. I'm only using the base so far, as it's comparable to the strip I replaced it with alone.)

The 2m base is available alone for a bit less, though on sale either is tempting:

One is pictured turned on, and the three disconnected pieces are off.

200 inches ~= 5 meters

Thank you, now I see the 3 ends on the white ones. It is so clear once you point it out.
Iā€™m replacing the strip under my queen size bed so 200ā€ is good.

Just wish I could figure out a way to get the existing strip there working properly. It is not fully turning off.