NaN font size, lost dashboard

Hubitat Elevation® Platform Version:
Hardware Version: Rev C-5

I made some changes today to my default dashboard, attempting to come up with a combination of font size/tile size/tile spacing that is readable via the mobile app on an Android phone.

I think the sizes I settled on were something like:

rows={blank} -- the layout was unchanged from the previous 5 rows

colums={blank} -- the layout was unchanged from the previous 8 rows

The dashboard looked a bit better.

I then looked at a different dashboard, and noticed that the "Column Width" was set to 200 and "Row Height" was 160 -- that was much more readable on my phone.

I went back to the default dashboard, and changed those settings.

Immediately after, the dashboard was blank.

In the settings dialog, the font size was shown as NaN (ha!) and all other settings were null (# rows, # columns, corner curve, etc).

From a desktop web browser, the display was the same. Under the Advanced tab, the JSON contained just

  "fontSize": "NaN"

all dashboard content was gone.

On the good side, I was able to restore from the previous 3AM backup, and I only lost a few text updates to device labels -- thank you very much for implementing nightly backups & and easy restore process.

I have completely lost my dashboard any ideas where to start to look to recover it. There is no Icon on the left hand side of the screen.


Okay, let’s start with the Apps tab, is there an entry for Hubitat Dashboard?