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Hello all,

Before posting I tried searching but came up empty handed, so sorry if I missed anything.
Did anyone happen to integrate the MySubaru app with HE? Reason I am looking to do this is to use Alexa to start the car when getting the kids together before leaving. Also I would like to try and set a schedule to automatically lock the doors every night just in case I forget to lock them.

Thanks in advance

I have a 2001 Liberty with 545K on the clock, does this cover that model as well :grin: :grin:

Seriously, do you have any details on the API involved? e.g. links, etc

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Sorry, should have added additional info.
I happen to find the below 2 links which if they help.

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If that works, it certainly seems simple enough... Maybe I'd consider having a go, but certainly someone with a car that can accept these commands would be better placed to do the development

I don't have the skill to make the necessary modifications to get it to work with HE but I would be happy to help test! 2021 Ascent.

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I feel like I should put a filter in for only Impreza, WRX and Liberty / Legacy models.... but maybe that would annoy Leborg and Ascent owners.... :wink:

This makes it sounds like I am going to develop something.... Hopefully another enthusiast will come along soon....

Apparently models have different names in the United States and the Great Southern Land. I had no idea what a Liberty or Levorg was, though I'm on my third Subaru.

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From memory Legacy replaced Liberty back in he day, now I think Leborg replaces both. Bot not sure what the current model name is.... Not looking for another petrol engine vehicle....

Yeah I agree. Petrol is very difficult to get here. Gas, on the other hand... :slight_smile:

You can get tablets for that... Perhaps I'm on the wrong topic.... :wink:

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After talking about Leborg and Liberty, I got lost. lol.
If this can be done, that would be great but I can see the work and challenge it may bring so I understand if it does not. Doesnt hurt to ask though and appreciate it.

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We did go off on a bit of a tangent.... :slight_smile:

The code seems simple enough to port over, it would certainly be possible. Do you have the login details to be able to access the API, the username, password and pin (I'm not asking you to post them, just whether you have them or not).

Sure. We just need to coordinate when you try to start my car :slight_smile:


I have the login info but the API I didnt see on the app/website itself. I did some additional searching and located this but not sure if this is helpful. This looks like it is only for remote start and no lock/unlock.

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Thanks. The python is easier to read, but having some issues getting some of the basics to work. Might need to call it a night / morning and look at it some more over the weekend.

That said, it does seem to have an additional step in the login, so it may come in handy.

You can get all the gas you want... if you are extraordinarily wealthy. That is especially the case in California.

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this would be amazing, i just know nothing.. 2021 Outback.

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I'd be interested to see if anyone can get the login process to work with this early version of a driver (logging in is literally all I have attempted to develop at this stage):

If you know how to install drivers code manually, add this driver and create a virtual device.
On the device edit page that is displayed, select the "platform", i.e. US or Canada. Set your username, password and PIN. Turn on Debug Logging. Click Save Preferences.

Keep the device page open and open a separate tab / window with the logs page for HE. On the device page click the "Refresh" command at the top. Keep an eye on the logs and you should eventually see something like this, but hopefully with a better outcome:
login: [success:false, errorCode:invalidAccount, dataName:null, data:null]



Thanks for the start in this. Looks like just as you posted, with the logs shows as null.

dev:3592022-05-22 11:59:36.518 pm debuglogin: [success:false, errorCode:invalidAccount, dataName:null, data:null]

dev:3592022-05-22 11:59:36.323 pm debugsetRequestSource: Platform provided = USA, alternateSource = null

dev:3592022-05-22 11:59:36.321 pm debugsetAPIVersion: Platform provided = USA, alternateVersion = null

dev:3592022-05-22 11:59:36.318 pm debugsetBaseURL: Platform provided = USA, alternateURL = null

dev:3592022-05-22 11:59:36.307 pm debuglogin: login process called

Hmmm... that's a shame, but thanks for trying and letting me know. Was a bit of a long shot.

I can keep looking at it, but will probably be a couple of weeks before I do. If anyone's handy with Postman or something similar to capture the web traffic when using a browser, I'd be interested to know the calls that are being made when logging into the Subaru page.