Myster Light coming on in middle of night

New to Hu bitat (about 2 weeks now). The 1st light I setup is called TableLight in my living room. The past 3-4 days I'm in bed and sometimes after midnight I notice that the table light is on at 100%. What the heck!!
I can't find what/how this is happening. Here's a screen shot from the lower portion of the device screen.

Is that a bulb or a switch? Many bulbs and some switches (usually configurable) will come on full when power is restored after an outage no matter how short that outage may be. Other than that you could try removing it from your Google, Sharp Tools, and Alexa apps to make sure one of those isn't doing it. I thought I heard Google had an issue a month or so ago where it was doing something like that.

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In addition to @Terk's suggestions, does the turning on show up under Events?

And just as an aside, GE Links are notoriously unreliable. I had several when I used Wink - and gradually replaced them with smart switches. They are also bad zigbee repeaters.

Oh I missed the soft white in the Data section that shows its a bulb, thanks.

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Was a solution ever found? I am having the same problem with my bedroom lights waking me up in the middle of the night. This morning it happened at 2:20 am. These are Z-wave dimmer bulbs and do come on at full bright (ugh!) after a power outage, but I believe I have eliminated a brief power flicker as the cause because when I intentionally turn one off and back on at the switch, it is not recorded in the logs. The random turning on in the middle of the night is in the logs:

As a side note, I do not at all understand why the last event says physical. These are dimmer bulbs and there is no physical switch. (The aforementioned switch is on the base of the lamp, not part of the bulb.) I just tested turning it on and off with the Dashboard tile, and it was recorded as digital, not physical, as I would expect.

If OP's issue was a Google issue, I should hope it was fixed by now since this thread is almost two years old. Removing the lights from Google is absolutely not an acceptable solution for me. And I would think it would be odd that those two lights came on at the same time, but other devices in the house did not come on.

Any other ideas? Is it possible to find more detailed logging that shows the source of the on and off commands?