MyQ on sale on Amazon US

Just an FYI for anyone that wants to take a chance on having ongoing control of MyQ from HE, Amazon has the hub and door sensor on sale for $30.

To add a perspective, I have one garage door using a MyQ, and one garage door that I put a GoControl z-wave device on.

The z-wave one has been rock solid reliable.

The MyQ one has been nothing but trouble. Sometimes it has trouble talking to the garage door opener. Sometimes it drops off the network. Sometimes the MyQ cloud is slow. And its unreliability really seems to confuse HomeKit. HomeKit would lock up entirely if MyQ stopped responding. I ended up turning off the MyQ and I'm about to replace it with another z-wave device.

My dad has a MyQ garage door opener and it notifies him about 30 minutes after the door opens or closes. Maybe others have better luck with it, but I'm steering clear. I think I'm going to do a diy button at some point. Don't get me wrong, it is appreciated when specials are posted. thanks!

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Definitely the way to go.

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Did you do this? if so, pm me

Will do

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Yes, I did this as well. It was my motivation for getting into SmartThings back in 2004. It was also what led to the creation of ST_Anything/HubDuino. With HubDuino, you can create a Garage Door Control and Monitoring solution with an ESP8266, a Relay, a magnetic Contact Sensor, and a USB power supply. No batteries required. Here is a link to the example sketch that monitors and controls two doors.