myQ lite device not showing as selectable in SharpTools app?

I was successful at setting up the myQ lite app (I think I have that name right). It's working perfectly.

(It was a bit tricky for me... I have two HEs and I first set it up on my main HE... didn't work... I then set it up on the HE where the myQ is... working great... even via mesh to my main HE)

Therein lies the rub... next step is to make the "Open door/Close door" controls show up on my Sharp Tools dashboard. In the Sharp Tools app I don't see the Garage Door Opener. Lots of other devices are accessible there from the remote HE, but not the Garage Door Opener.


You usually get that door control thing in Hubitat dashboard if you don't have a tilt sensor (NOT the MyQ one).

I can't help with the Sharptools part of it, never used it, but it probably needs the tilt sensor too.

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It's the same thing with SharpTools.

The version that uses a tilt sensor implements the Contact Sensor capability which makes it show up in the main SharpTools authorization lists.

You can authorize the device manually, but I would recommend the tilt sensor version (like the author of the integration does).