MyQ Garage Door issue questions

Hello ,

I am relatively new to Hubitat but this community has been awesome and helped me to completely transition from Wink...Thank you!

I now am seeking help, kind of a step by step, to integrating my MyQ garage door opener into Hubitat. I have an Eco Z Wave tilt sensor that works great on the door as well.

I did find MyQ lite application in the community but I am not sure how to get it authorized.

I also saw something about Ifttt and setting it as a virtual device.

Can someone offer me some advice and a step by step for this newbie to get this accomplished.

Thank you


I'm not at home to give you a screenshot but if you add the MyQ app and driver code and then create a new MyQ app, the app will prompt you for your MyQ credentials.

I'm new as well and found the Garage Door virtual device and MyQ IFTTT to work fine for my needs (triggering lights on / off when garage door opens).

@RichCNJ Do you have a link to the MyQ app you are recommending? Thanks.

@dman2306 ported the SmartThings MyQ app to Hubitat. Available here:

You will need a Hubitat-compatible sensor to indicate the door position (either a contact sensor or a tilt sensor).


The app is myq-lite.src.
The driver is devicetypes/brbeaird/myq-garage-door-opener.src/myq-garage-door-opener.groovy

One comment: If you need Amazon Alexa integration, select the "lock" version of the code. This allows opening and closing via Alexa using "alexa, lock garage door", "alexa, unlock garage door". The unlock function will have to be enabled in alexa with a PIN provided by you.

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Thanks … good to know. I'll explore this if I outgrow the current Virtual Garage Door device and IFTTT method I am using. I'm just getting started migrating everything from Wink and trying to combine as much as I can into Hubitat

I didn't realize the myq IFTTT integration permits opening the door ....

For me, I don't want to open the door using Hubitat, I only need to know the status of opened or closed to control lighting. So for me, IFTTT suits my needs.

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Interestingly, for that use, the Hubitat MyQ integration would not work, because it requires a Hubitat-paired sensor to obtain door status. So, MyQ/IFTTT not only meets your needs, it is the only approach that doesn't require any additional hardware.

It may not. It might have to be modified to add the lock/unlock. A five minute code experience. I have done this and use IFTTT and the MyQ cloud to both get the status (MyQ cloud is a backup only and runs 60/30 seccondesafter lock/unlock command is sent). The modification also integrates the IFTTT hook into the garageDoor driver using on to trigger "unlocked" and off to trigger "locked".


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Thank you everyone for the help I have it working !

This community is AWESOME!


I'm running into a NullPointer error when I'm trying to get past the sensor setup. Any ideas?

There was a problem updating devices:
 java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'deviceNetworkId' on null object.
Line number: 609
Last successful step: Sensor Indexing

You probably don't have a sensor installed. The MyQ sensor will NOT work for this or any Hubitat app.

You either need an additional sensor, or there is a workaround using IFTTT. You probably should look at the below linked thread, for that information, and post any questions there. That is where the developer of the app will be looking for questions.

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Interesting, but fiddling around with the sensor and no sensor drivers on the auto-created Garage Door device got it working. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I'm good to go. Apologies, I just got the hubitat today and seem to be experiencing some...growing pains.

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